The open source, distributed, cloud-native AI OS

Onepanel Core allows you to build highly scalable, distributed, and reproducible computer vision workflows on any cloud or on-premises.

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How it works

Automate complex pipelines

Create and manage complex, reproducible pipelines as code. Fork or clone entire workflows with a click of a button. Deploy your pipelines on-premises, on any cloud, or as hybrid deployments.

Save time and money. Focus on your workflows not the DevOps

No need to install and build your own infrastructure. Onepanel's optimized Kubernetes-native building blocks can be chained and extended for even the most specialized workflows. Each node in your workflow can run in parallel, even on its own dedicated machine.

Create reproducible dev or experimentation environments

Build reusable templates for development and experimentation environments that you can share across your organization. These environments can be any notebook, IDE or dashboard with a GUI, including CVAT, JupyterLab, VS Code and more.

API, CLI, and SDKs for even more automation

Extend your pipelines with our powerful REST APIs and SDKs to automate integration with existing infrastructure.


Check out our range of integrations available. From Argo and Amazon SES to Postgres with Azure, GCP and AWS.



Choose the best plan that suits your workflow needs and only pay for the features and integrations you use.


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