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From concept to iterative experimentation within hours

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Easy and practical to build complex frameworks

“From an instructor's point of view, Onepanel makes it easy to build complex frameworks from the ground up and quickly iterate. Students praised the ease of getting started and wasted no time on installation, setup, and other frustrating minutiae. Onepanel is a fantastic learning and teaching tool!”

Alexander Amini

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Onepanel is scalable, easy-to-use, and perfect for educating and teaching state-of-the-art ML/CS framework to large groups of students. Onepanel was an integral part of MIT’s Introduction to Deep Learning class, a 1-week introductory course (attendance of over 300 students) on deep learning methods with applications to machine translation, image recognition, game playing, and more. Students used Onepanel to develop final projects where they explored new and exciting applications of deep learning.

- Alexander Amini

Daniel Shapiro


No more long learning curves to get started

“Onepanel gives us the option to jump straight into research and production while leapfrogging over the tooling and configuration of GPU-intensive libraries and cloud deployment issues.”

At Lemay.ai, we specialize in rapid prototyping of Artificial Intelligence solutions for enterprise clients. Onepanel is a great platform for spinning up a full-stack machine learning environment when building out client demos. The advantage of scale within Onepanel is an environment that can support the transition from demo to scale-up of a cloud based solution. Our focus at Lemay.ai is on AI for enterprise clients, and that leads to sophisticated requirements landing in our inbox with tight deadlines. Using Onepanel on demand, we have the flexibility and scalability to jump right in.

- Daniel Shapiro

From concept to experimentation within a few hours

“Onepanel helped us get from a concept to iterative experimentation within hours using the state of the art open source frameworks and pre compiled infrastructure….On demand!!”

Madhu Reddiboina

Co-Founder & CEO

In this rapidly progressing AI world, there are many whitespace areas that enterprises and start-ups can focus on, but the time it would take to operationalize AI development lifecycle can be daunting and expensive especially if you go down the commercial tooling path.  Using Onepanel, both start-ups and enterprises are able to kick-start their AI projects by leveraging state of the art frameworks and GPU infrastructure in no time.  Onepanel generated tremendous value for RediMinds by cutting down the time to execute on our AI projects.  We believe they got it right in terms of giving back the time our engineers had to spend in setting up the infrastructure for compute intensive jobs on GPU Machines.  

- Madhu Reddiboina

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