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Your video and image annotation workflow just got faster

Onepanel lets you unify data labelling up to 10x faster with optimized GPU’s with CVAT so you can annotate video and image data without using your own processing power.

Get annotating in under a minute.

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How it works

Video and image annotation workflow

Create and manage your training data. Use Onepanel’s default annotation models or easily upload your own to pre-load bounding boxes directly within CVAT.

Save time and money with third-party annotators

No need to install and build your own infrastructure. Onepanels optimized GPU’s are ready for you to create your own customized annotations so you speed up your workflow.

Easily customize
Tensorflow models

You can change the model you want to use in CVAT by uploading your custom class and tensorflow frozen model files into Onepanel.

Perform annotations with remote teams

Outsourcing your annotation workflow to multiple teams made easy with separate projects and user role preferences.

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